Known Issues

Some Common questions:
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  Q:- What should I do if easyMASM do nothing on pressing F5 or any other Function key?

  A:-   Copy easyMASM main folder to your C: drive or any other drive at its root and try to run it again.
         You should rename the easyMASM main folder.
         e.g. if its main folder has name, "easyMASM(W_7_32) ", rename it to  "easyM732".
         you can rename it in range of 8 characters.
         Secondly checkout the name of your source (.asm) file, if it is longer than 8 characters, rename it in
         range of 8 characters.
         Moreover, make sure that every folder in the path to easyMASM exe, must not be of more than 8
         characters. Even rename your drive letter within 8 characters. e.g.
         if you have easyMASM in your D drive which has a label "My Local Disk", rename it by right
         clicking on the drive letter and click rename and name it within 8 characters.

          ( Note that you do not need to do this necessarily. It is only recommended in case when easyMASM is not working on
            your machine. )