There are three flavors of easyMASM,

      ( Note: Method of using easyMASM is same for all flavors of easyMASM, as mentioned in "How to Use section" !  )

1- For Windows XP ( easyMAXP )
     Normal working under DOS environment.

2- For Windows 7 32 bit ( easyM732 )
     Assemble and Run in Normal DOS environment, Debug in DOS BOX.

3- For Windows 7 64 bit ( easyM764 )
     Assemble, Run and Debug in DOS BOX

Note: You have no need to Download DOS BOX or NOTEPAD++ seprately, every thing is available in the package.
           In case of any difficulty in downloading or using easyMASM, please click above on Help and Support tag.

It is recommended to visit Known Issues tab to prevent yourself from any inconvenience.

1- easyMAXP   Download
2- easyM732    Download
3- easyM764    Download

( Last update: 18th November 2011 )

Download method:

1- Click on the version you need.

2- Click on Download.

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  1. Links don't work.

    1. I have given the method above. If still it not works, please comment again. I'll try my best to help you.

  2. This is simply awsome dude ... Love . I too am a Fastian and i wish that someday i will make amendments in any other software like u did :)

  3. Nice, I've searched something like that for a long time.
    Now I'm just missing a version under Linux with vim, wine and DOSBOX

  4. amazing work bro. i am ahmed your class fellow : )