How To Use

              ( Note: In case of any query click on Help and Support tag. )
It is very easy to use easyMASM.

1- Download easyMASM from Download page or click here to go to Download page.
2- Extract easyMASM main folder to your desired location.
(Note: Choose the location, witch is closest to root drive, otherwise it may cause fatal error while assembling! )

        (Note: It is not an installer, it only extracts the files at specified location. You can take the main folder any where to use it without installation! )

3- Open easyMASM folder, then open Notepad++Portable folder and you will have shown the following files,

4- Double click Notepad++ Portable.exe. You will be in code editor window.

5- Choose File -> Save As,

   And Save it with your desired name at your desired location,

6- Write your code in editor,

There are only Four Basic keys.

i- F5 to assemble your code.
ii- Ctrl+F5 to run previous result (.exe) without assembling.
iii- F6 to debug your code.
iv- Ctrl+A to view ASCII table.

7- Press F5 to assemble your code,

   As you are looking a red line in debugging window, witch indicates that your code has some error.
   Now, You just need to DOUBLE CLICK the red line, It will automatically lead you to that line which has
   an error.
   Press enter in debugging window to terminate the debugging process.
   Fix your code and try again by pressing F5.

   You will have the output of your code automatically if Build process succeeded.

   8- Now If you want to run your previous build without assembling it again, just press Ctrl+F5.

   9- To Debug your code, press F6. It will automatically open the the code view window.

Enjoy easyMASM ...!